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The Biliton Indonesian Lunch Program

August 24, 2016 Indonesian Lunch Time

Back to our tradition as our chef has created

some of the best indonesian cuisine that is full of intense flavour.

Visit and Enjoy Lunch Here, and Get the Dinner Voucher Give Away IDR50,000,- Every day, And youcan save Money When Dinner Comes. T&C Apply.

Signatured The Biliton Fried Rice IIThe Biliton.Nasi Bakar The Biliton.Nasi Krengsengan The Biliton.Nasi Cumi Hitam The Biliton.Nasi Jinggo The Biliton.Mie Goreng Jawa The Biliton.Nasi Sambal (Udang) The Biliton.Nasi Sambal (Ayam) The Biliton.Nasi Sambal (Empal)

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